Friday, October 2, 2009

Sixties Recall

The Rankin Brothers sing my songs. The old Righteous Brothers, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Chuck Berry, Simon and Garfunkel -- though I don't remember any Beatles, Bob Dylan or Rolling Stones . . . But I digress.  They were another great show in a string of the greats.  Even the Elvis part was enjoyable.   I thought the guy sitting by me from California was going to achieve Nirvana during the Righteous Brothers.

 I've loved the variety of shows we've seen all week.  I'm not tired of it at all.  I could take another week, I think, without getting tired.  Maybe two?  I think that those of you who are not Baby Boomers would love these shows, too.  They are really that good.

Today was Carol's birthday so we even made the 10 AM show of Dalina Ditto who is a classic country singer who even has glitter lipstick.  Her show was so wonderful, I thought I loved country for two hours.  In recall, I can't quite get to that point again, but I felt it then.  For real.

Branson has all-live music which means that some really great backup people are around here.  Drums, strings, piano and keyboards, horns and all kinds of stuff really shine.

Happy Birthday, Carol.  It's been a perfect week.  One more night on the town.

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carolds said...

Thanks, Linda, it was a great week!