Thursday, October 1, 2009

Please -- In a Life Relive, Let Me Dance!

Spirit of the Dance is almost worth the trip to Branson by itself.  I never saw “Lord of the Dance”, but I think it’s a relative.  It has lots of Irish-type dancing, but also, some Flamenco, ballet, Scottish stuff, a Cowboy number for the Americans, the CanCan, and a big Broadway number with bowler hats for everyone.  I’m exhausted.  It was fierce and hot with some good singing thrown in.  And like Carl said, it only got a little raggedy towards the end of the CanCan when everyone was high-kicking and falling into splits which came near the end of the show.  

I was a little worried about whether Carl would enjoy it, but it was a “not to worry” situation.  A further bonus for him was one of the dancers looked like his former co-worker, Murray.  A little more muscular, however.

Then there was the crazy-cute blond guy who looked like Bobby Cannon from Brighton High School from about ten years ago.  Turns out he was the star and he didn’t just earn it on his good looks.  He was really talented.  Bet his mother went nuts about every time he went out.  

Definitely put the Haygoods in at fourth, but that’s not a problem, either, because they’ve all been great.  

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