Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Each His Own and Then Some

A guy, probably in his twenties, was striding about Copperton Park the other day, young, cute family in tow, wearing shorts, and sporting an ankle bracelet of the sort that keeps the law aware of your business, if you get my drift.  
He didn’t seem to mind the throng of people, young and old, that was about, nor did he seem to to be concerned that all probably knew the significance of his adornment.  It was exactly as pictured above.  
I’m not certain why the the local constabulari is interested in him, but it really looked like he was taking great pride in whatever it was he’d done.  He was talking loudly, strutting a lot, laughing with gusto and making sure that everyone was aware that he and his little daughters and wife, who was carrying another infant daughter, were there.  It was really kind of embarrassing.  
Isn’t this kind of a reversal on what most people would do? But I guess if you can’t be a big deal doing what you should do, you can be a big deal doing what you shouldn’t.  If most people don’t care that you’re doing what you should, make a big deal that there at least are those who care that you don’t do what you should.  It’s a different concept but one that might work for some.
Or is it just that stupid people are taking a cue from Lindsay Lohan and see such jewelry as a real fashion statement of the future?


Lindsey said...

I think it's the stupid people option. I feel bad for his wife and kids.

Bonnie said...

I saw a "Families Under Fire Talk" (don't remember the speaker) that was on abuse. She concluded that the worst kind of abuse after physical, sexual, emotional, etc. was neglect! She said that was so because with all the other kinds of abuse, at least you were acknowledged. We've all heard of kids acting out for attention. Having grown up with horrendous neglect myself I just wonder, could he need attention so badly that even this negative, bad attention was worth it? Though it in no means excuses him for being a jerk, maybe somewhere inside he was crying out for people to just acknowledge his right to exist!

Annie said...

ugh.... why are some people so annoying!