Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Warn You, I'll Curse the Skies

What do I hate most about the end of summer?

The unpredictability of the weather?  The wearing of coats?  The shortening of days?  The irregularity of the blueness of the sky?   The onset of chilliness?   Potential precipitation?  Not really.  that's not it.

I really like Autumn.  I like harvestime.  I like crisp beautiful days.

I like the holidays.  I even like goofy Halloween.  I like Thanksgiving, Brad's, Julia's and Ben's birthdays.  Sophia's and Alison's birthdays too.  And of course Christmas.  Who wouldn't?  Then we get to go to Hawaii!!  Three glorious weeks in Hawaii!!  Most of January in Hawaii.  What's not great about all of that?

But then what?

Winter.  February.  Nasty, cruddy, ugly old February.  That should sum up my Winter.

I should then perk up and say "March!"  Nearly the onset of Spring again is it not?  "Who can't tolerate the short, little month of February?" you say.

But remember this year?  Didn't we have Winter until the end of June?  Didn't we?  I thought in retirement we'd beaten it.  We head off to Arizona to see Ben, to Hawaii, to warmer climes like Las Vegas, but global warming doesn't seem to be hitting us if you use Utah as a reference point.  And we can't stay away forever.  Really, if you were paying attention, it was a miserable Spring.

Well we'd just better not have that happen again.  I'll raise my fist to Zeus or whoever is in charge of the weather and also fire off a letter to Al Gore -- as if he had any power over the situation.  I warn you, I'll curse something, anyway.

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Lindsey said...

It makes me miss AL where the winters are usually around 50 degrees or so all winter.