Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That Sixties Liberal Is On The Loose Again

An incredible story came out of Iraq stating that on Sunday nine American mothers received comfort from dozens of Iraqi mothers who had lost their sons during the Saddam Hussein era which ended in 2003. 
"When I hugged an American woman we couldn't express ourselves in words, but what helped us to express our feelings and understand each other were our tears. We found them as a true expression to our grief and suffering," said a 55-year-old Kurdish woman who had lost most of her own close family during the scorched-earth campaign against the Kurdish rebellion.  
The American women expressed how they had been angry before their visit to the country in which their sons had died, and yet had found peace and comfort as they visited the land where their children lived their last moments and spent time with people who inhabited that country and felt their same pain.  "I'll have visited the land where a piece of my heart will remain forever," said Amy Galvez, who is from Salt Lake, and whose son, Cpl Adam Galvez was also from Salt Lake City.   
The meeting of the two groups of women was organized by a group called “Families United Toward Universal Respect’ from the state of Virginia and officials from the local f Kurdish government and our State Department.
Yet while these women were meeting together in the northern part of Iraq, which is a mostly peaceable area currently, other parts of the country were experiencing  ongoing bombings and death.  
Doesn’t it seem silly to fight and kill?  The people who are doing the fighting are hardly able to sit down and discuss the points and minutiae, doctrines and principles they are fighting for.  If people have differences, it’s ridiculous not to work them out with discussion, arbitration, judges.  
But using innocent people as battering rams, target practice and ammunition?  Mothers can see how stupid that is.  Why can’t supposedly intelligent old men?  Old men who are too old to fight themselves? 


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