Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three More Brothers and A Sister This Time

Another family of musical performers -- the Haygoods.

They are seven brothers and a sister, all apparently between the ages of sixteen and thirty-two, who are really exceptional musicians.  They play violins, saxophones, piano, harp and of course, guitars.  Tap-dancing is also part of the deal.

They aren't as polished as the Knudsens from yesterday, they're a little hokey too, but they are good and energetic though interestingly, singing isn't their strongest suit.  They do pop, rock, Celtic favorites and a little classical which was actually pretty good.  Pachobel, I think.  Of the three shows we've seen, we agreed that the Haygoods probably came in third, but that's not to big a problem.  They were dang fine.

Went to Silver City but it was closed.  The whole place.

Tomorrow is "Spirit of the Dance."  Can't lose, can we?

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