Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What the Heck? Ali Can Read?

Believe it or not, Ali can read and she reads very well.  She's five, but she's only been to pre-school.  She doesn't start Kindergarten until next year.  In pre-school, she's learned letter sounds, but that's all.

She's hung around with Sophia while Soph reads, and is a computer nut playing games on Barbie.com, pbskids.com and sprout.com, but this is scary. No one knows really when she learned to read.

We were having Family Home Evening on Sunday and were doing an Easter kind of lesson around Third Nephi and were reading some verses and we gave her a shot at it.

She did great!  I think one of the verses was 13 which is "and it came to pass that the Lord spake unto them saying:"  She read that verse and another without a whole lot of help.  No stumbling or hesitation.  She read.  We tested her on other stuff, and she really can read.  No kidding around here.

Ali's also good with phones and remotes.  I'm not talking sorta tricky.  I'm talking "good".  Never let her see you work an app on your phone even just once or she'll be syncing it up with someone in China within minutes and something international will ensue.  She can also get the TV so screwed over within seconds that specialists need to be called in.  Sophia calls her for help on web sites.  I have removed apps from my phone because of her.  I'm serious.  I only exaggerate a little.

Sometimes when a fact has been stated weeks before, and another emerges down the road, she'll recall the previous and ask for clarification if the two seem to conflict.

It's kind of scary.  I'm glad she belongs to Brad and the Russian.  I'll just go home or put on my tinfoil hat if it gets too out of hand.


Bonnie said...

That's incredible! If you can believe it I have SEVERAL grandchildren just like her! I think the Lord truly is sending exceptional children to this earth right now! It does blow the minds of grandma's doesn't it?

Suzie said...

Speaking of "the Russian" that girl looks just like her mamma! Cute as can be!

Linda Aukschun said...

I agree, Bonnie, and I also agree with you, Suzie, and I'm so grateful to have them both.