Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday's Project, Today's Job Well-Done

Finished putting my CDs on my IPhone and my report is 887 songs, 109 albums, 22 compilations (meaning what?)  361 composers,  and 13 genres.

I also attended a class on essential oils which surprised me by softening the stiffness in my shoulders and horrible pain therein caused by all the downloading of songs and albums to my IPhone, went to lunch with Loraine and did little else.

I did launch myself into Foursquare and was humiliated on Facebook for that by my son and a former student, but was much too busy doing other things to stay on top of that.

Busy, busy busy.  When will life get back to normal?  Oh wait.  I did say I finished up my music project, didn't I.  Well, I guess that happens tomorrow.

I hope you sense the sarcasm.

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