Wednesday, August 19, 2009

$2 Tuesdays at the Point

Is it human nature or just mine? If there is a buck to be saved, I'm there.

Today we were at Thanksgiving Point, drawn in by $2 Tuesdays. We planned to go to the Dinosaur exhibit and discovered a line clear around the building when we got there. Julia, her girls, Sophia and Alison and Dusty with two-year-old Thomas, headed for the petting zoo.

Carl and I headed for lunch. We're not nuts. After, we all met up to wander for awhile through the gardens as you see in the picture. We did get 1/2 pound of strawberry/fudge swirl fudge for $2 on the "$2 Tuesday" free-for-all so all wasn't lost.

Truth be known, it's only $8 a head to get in in the first place and I would imagine that seniors get a special rate anyway. But the rush isn't how much you save. It's the endorphins that hit knowing you're getting something for next/to/nothing, and of course, lunch.


Lindsey said...

That is such a cute picture of Sophia and Allison! Also, when can I have some of that fudge? It sounds amazing!

Annie said...

I would totally go to $2 tuesdays if we didn't live 2 hours away....