Friday, August 7, 2009

The Orphan

I'm not talking about my daughter-in-law here. I'm talking about the movie.

As best I remember, some critics said it had a good start, good premise but devolved into formulaic violence and mayhem. Then some others said the twist was a little beyond belief. Both true. But it was still a really pretty good scary movie. Quite bloody, which is not my favorite, too many f-bombs and a few disturbing images, but it scared the heck out of me which is what I love. I love scary movies.

DeeAnn and I both thought that the whole deal was worth the price of admission for a couple of seniors and worth, also, some mushroom enchiladas after.

To say the least, it was worth the evening spent at the Gateway which is always a problem, particularly for DeeAnn who didn't know up from down there. Fortunately she had me to lead her to and from places, and watching her bewilderment running rampant alone was almost worth the price of admission. Great movie.

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