Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Partying On

We had our third barbecue in two weeks tonight. The first one was my brother, Brent's family, which I believe includes about two hundred and fifty people from along the Wasatch Front. The occurrence was Family Home Evening. Chaos ensued. The kind jostling famlies enjoy and others look upon in horror. It was great.

Next came the neighborhood BBQ. It was the whole street, in fact, which was only ten people but included the most diverse (read unlikely) group of people to be assembled. A great group of people, mind you, but not exactly a grouping arranged in Heaven. It was, not surprisingly, the most composed group of the three. Polite and reserved, it also adjourned the earliest. We had threatened to have a neighborhood party for three years and now we understand why we were wise not to have one before. So it goes.

Then came tonight with the Empty Nesters. Twenty-three of us, mostly retirees, charging around in the backyard with tongs, spearing instruments and various hot meats. It was wonderful. No one remembered his/her bathing suit, so there was no Slip 'n Sliding if you read the earlier blog.

I love having people over, even quiet, reserved ones, so it has been fun. I really wish the summer wasn't coming to an end. But Thanksgiving is not too far off and then it's another chance for a party. There just has to be a lot of laughing. That's the only criterion for success in my book.


Lindsey said...

I love your parties! You're so welcoming that it's just comfortable to be in your house, and with all the Cannons there it is always a little crazy and a lot of fun!

Annie said...

I am so JEALOUS!!