Friday, November 6, 2009

Did You Know Mormons Are People Too?

I usually am the picture of calm and annoying optimism because, hey, what could go wrong anyway?  And besides that, if I keep my breathing shallow, my pants aren’t too uncomfortable yet.  But what’s going on?  The Mormons are taking it in the neck for no apparent reason these days.  

There are times when you can get a little critical of us.  We are a little cautious of outsiders, particularly when it comes to our children.  We also flinch at salty, blasphemous and vulgar language.  It’s just built into the package.  And sometimes it seems a little thin-skinned, but be patient.  We’re actually pretty decent people.

Sometimes we get a little critical of ourselves, in fact.  Mormon Mean Time is ten minutes after the hour, for example.  You should have heard us go after flowered dresses a few years ago and and the word “freak” can really set us off.  We can be narrow and small-minded.  Work with us.  

But this is ridiculous.  The other night on Cold Case, there was a story about a serial killer from Provo, Utah who got his killing start when a girl he had a crush on undressed him and showed his garments while at a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Not only was it really disrespectful of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but of Christ in general and further to that, the Facts Checking Department really fell down on its work.  Doesn't what hurts some of us, hurt us all.

Then yesterday there was an item published that indicated that the Mormons were behind the failure of the Maine Same Sex Initiative, but the guy in the picture was wearing a blue shirt, which the Mormon missionaries do not wear and there was only one guy, which is not how Mormon missionaries work.  

Then today on Twitter comes this:

I'm aware that this item is pro-LDS, but I'm just kind of mad that it has to even be published.  That's all.  People can express their opinions.  This is a free country.  But I think fairness is what I'm calling for here.  

Believe it or not, we want misery and placelessness for no one.  What we want is family and inclusion for everyone.  We don't want to dictate what another believes but we don't want mandates for what we believe either.  But please, don't let anyone accuse us of doing or saying things we did not do or say and do not let anyone portray us as something we are not.  And further, try to defend us when you see it might be needed and we will try to defend you when we see the see the same.  We will all be better for it.  


Annie said...

The Mormons.... so complex and multifaceted.

Since you've lived else where, do you think it's easier to be Mormon here or outside of Utah?

I've always thought you had a thick skin Linda!

Sandi said...

I love you Linda, my dear!!! I completely and totally agree with what you've put here. It's sad that society feels that we're the bad guys, when we're just living how we believe (and aren't they as well? yet we get ridiculed for it). I've lived both in Utah and outside of Utah...I find it a bit easier to live there...where you have people around you to boost you up and be good examples, but then again, its harder because a lot of people just do it "for show". There are times that we really get attacked and slammed out here, and those are the times that I really miss "home". Also when my kids come home from school saying things that they shouldn't I have this small glimmer of hope that it might have have happened had we stayed in Utah. I know that's a naive thought, but it keeps me positive and makes me want to better my attitude about a few more things anyway. Keep your chin up, my dear! The Lord will prevail!

Lindsey said...

Sometimes I just feel sad that people spend so much time, money and energy disliking people they know little to nothing about. I think I'll just live my quiet way, teach Eliza the things that I know are right, and pray, pray, pray for everyone else.