Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thinking Without Thinking?

Did I tell you I liked listening to Blink?  (My hearing is terrific, don’t you think?)  

Paul Eckman’s work is mentioned in this book upon which the television series Lie to Me is loosely based.  This is the guy who “collects” facial expression details and can actually read whether or not someones is telling the truth.  

 The book tells you the “why” of the “New Coke” debacle and  talks about a guy named John Gottman who can tell within about an hour whether or not a couple or going to make it through a appreciable (maybe fifteen years?) marriage.  There was also a weird-on-and-off deal about Kenna, a musician, plus another about a really horrible killing of a man in Brooklyn by the police who didn’t understand what he was doing out on the street.   The whole deal is kind of a psychological treatise on why we react the way we do.  

Do I recommend you read (listen to) it?  Maybe.  Maybe more than maybe.  There’s probably more to it than just this book but if you like psychology, you might pursue more.  What I’m saying is that I’m a little skeptical but we could pursue it.  Couldn’t we?  

As for the joke at the first -- I’m pretty funny I think.  Don’t you?  


Sandi said...

Of course, it made me smile! I love your reviews on the books you've read. It gets me thinking...I don't normally have time to read much without getting interrupted. (I guess it's a good thing my school deadlines are pretty lax, right?!)

Linda Aukschun said...

Sandi, you are so funny. Thanks for reading. Your name makes me smile

Wendy said...

Dr. Suess would be proud -