Monday, November 16, 2009

Sickness and Other Close Encounters

Well I spent a lot of hours in the emergency room a week ago Saturday because my tiny heart hurt only a little and my hands were pulsating (doctor's word)  
and my breathing was a little labored.  Big deal.   On the infamous  scale, the pain in my chest was maybe a one or a two.  That's all.  Just a little  scary.  That's all.  The woman who did my chest xray and I had a  pretty good laugh about it when I mentioned that I hadn't intended to remove my clothes even, then paused and wondered how many times that had been the thought when going to parties.  Har de har har har.  Very funny.  

A  perfectly beautiful fall day wasted and my visiting teaching calls hadn't been made either.

I had gone to the hospital all by myself in the first place because Carl had been blighted with the flu for a week and Brad was home with Julia and Sophia who had the flu.  They needed an angel to hover. 

I only wanted to go over the white card they used to have on the back of the doors in waiting rooms to see if I had symptoms sufficient to be checked out.  I guess Ali  could have come with me because she is the only one not under quarantine.   But she is four and I suspect she is akin to a monkey and would not be the best company in a hospital.  Sigh.  But they told me to undress and proceeded to test me from about 3 PM to 10:30 PM.  

My room was freezing, and in a phone dead zone.  Another part that was really  special was that this was a brand-new hospital and that the key test equipment wasn’t working and so nothing was decided!!!!!   (It is poor form to use multiple exclamation points.  In fact it is poor form to use exclamation points at all.)

I played 20 gazzillion Backgammon games and 299 Gin Rummy games on my  
iPhone until it was dangerously low on juice and put that to sleep, then just waited until they sent me packing. 

The story I might continue later if I decide to, but the short version is that about four demons converged upon me at once causing me such pain, including, probably, the pig flu.  A pox on whoever stole my particular dose of the vaccine, BTW.