Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Is It Might Even Be For The Cynic

If you ever liked Michael Jackson, the adult Michael Jackson, even a little, go see his movie This is It.  It's only in theatres for two total weeks so you don't have much time and I'm too lazy to check for you.  It's really good.  You didn't even have to love him.  Just like.  And maybe just one song, like "Billie Jean."

It's surprisingly cohesive, complete and not at all choppy.  There's a really good segment that has MJ as a villain in an old Chicago movie with Gilda (Rita Hayworth), Bogie (Humphrey Bogart) and Edward G. Robinson with all kindsa nifty shooting and singing and dancing.  (The names above are for the benefit of Julia, who was my date for the evening.)

Also, Thriller was redone and shown in its completeness and if you liked that before, you'll like seeing this though the whole deal with the girl in the haunted house isn't there -- just the cemetery.  But that was enough.  It was great.

There wasn't alot of fawning over him either although there was some and that was to be expected.  They talked about his perfectionism and his knowledge of music in general and of his own music.  And they showed his "hands on" approach to rehearsing, but mostly it was singing and dancing, and he really could do both.  It was a pleasure watching him do both for a couple of hours.

The rest of what he was, or might have been, doesn't even matter anymore anyway.  He was just another tremendous talent from whom sorrow took the really big toll.

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