Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daisy's Happier Now, But Not Me So Much

Today my cute little Daisy is with the angels.  Yesterday I had her put to sleep.  I knew it was coming but I kept putting it off.

She's been a major munchaholic for a long time.  She was up to eleven pounds at one point then the last time she went in to the vet, she was down to nine. That's quite a step down when you do the math and consider she wasn't really too concerned about her waistline.  I never noticed her try to back off from the kibbles.

They told me last spring she had a stage four heart murmur.

 She'd been deaf since she was a pup, had been on Science Diet exclusively yet had gas that could give dry heaves to the garbage man and had hip problems that prevented her from climbing stairs.

She had stopped eating.

It was getting scary.

What with all the stuff that doctors can do with people, the trickle-down effect has gotten to our canine friends too.  They said they could do "tests".  Yikes.

Compared to my last dog, Tuna, (Petunia) who was seventeen when she passed the bar, Daisy, at eleven was a spring chicken.   But she wasn't feeling good.  You could tell.  Nothing made her happy anymore.

I just know today is the best day she's had in a long time.

That's what I've got to keep telling myself.  And I've got to stop crying.


Lindsey said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy. I know it's hard to lose a pet.

carolds said...

So sorry about Daisy. I know how hard it is. Maybe she'll run into my Suzie.

Sandi said...

I've lost a few beloved pets as well. It's never ever easy, but just know that we're all praying for you and giving you cyber-hugs! Love ya, my dear Linda!