Friday, December 4, 2009

You Wanna See Lots to be Thankful For?

Here is the link to Carl's Facebook Album wereon are his Thanksgiving pictures.  All in all, there were fifty wonderful people at our house.  We fed about seventeen cute little cherubs in the breezeway then dispatched all of them to the downstairs to watch "Up" which interestingly starred cranky old Carl and kept them interested while the rest of us ate ourselves blind upstairs.  We had a blast.

We do this every other year.  On the alternate year, we go "out" while others go to the "outlaw" families.  It works beautifully.


Annie said...

We really had so much fun and the kids love visiting daybreak, they can not get enough of the playground!

Lindsey said...

It was SO MUCH FUN! We really loved it! Thanks so much for having us.