Friday, December 11, 2009

Festival of Trees Slouching Towards Even Getting Better

Loved the Festival of Trees this year.  Loves it for how beautiful it was.  Loved it because it had lots of interesing stuff besides trees like "other stuff" like centerpieces, toys, candy and niftiness.

And also because the people are speaking!!  They're taking the place over.

It used to be out of the reach of of us average Santa types, but now, it's ours too.

Little trees abound too.  It was wonderful.  I think it's within my reach.  Not all is fancy-schmancy stuff either like it used to be.  Loved the fancy-schmancy of course, but loved the relatively crappy as well.

Don't you love accessible?  I'm serious.  Not being remotely sarcastic.

All were pretty and fun.  You  could tell kids were involved.  You could tell grandmas, grandpas, Girls Scouts, it was wonderful.  I loved that there really beautiful and classy ones still abounding too and that builders built great-looking buildings all Christmasted up and that so much was purchased.

I hope that they made boatloads of money.

I plan to badger Carl into making a Barbie house, too.  He's about due to putting something like that together.

Yes indeed.  It's time to give back.  Merry Christmas, Carl.  I love you.

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