Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Too Raisins?

Guess what?  The little Sun Maid Raisin Girl has gotten kinda chesty in the last couple of years.  The manufacturer claims it's because they want to raise the awareness of health among consumers.  Let it be announced from here to there from there to there that no one is buying any of it.  Sex sells,  and they know it.

But there are people getting hurt.  People like young girls who look at themselves and think that something's wrong with them.  Mothers of those girls are going nuts trying to keep them happy with themselves. Sox stuffed in the bra doesn't work anymore.  Victoria's Secret is a collossal engineering feat.

This has gotta stop.  Surgery for Christmas?  Where are the men?  Are they so darn stupid to be able to delude themselves?  It's plastic implants that are still in the grave long after everything else is back to dust for Heaven's sake.

Why aren't the men speaking up?  At least the smart ones?  It might be a little embarrassing, but it's important.  Huge boobs look stoooopid.  And while they're at it, why aren't they mentioning it to a few advertisers, television stations, producers, magazines and to anyone who will listen?  It's worth it.

And while they're talking, mention other stuff like troweled-on cosmetics, weight loss madness and hair-looney products?

They want strong women?  They're not going to get them by allowing women to become trampled down by anyone, including women themselves, telling them they are inadequate.  Power and strength comes from places of power and strength.  Neither of which is found in a sense of inadequacy and manipulation.

And who knows?  Men might save themselves a little money and time in the process.



Sandi said...

SOOOOOO true! I hate how society is very insistant that women should look a certain way. It not only costs money to look that way, but it causes health issues too...eating disorders or surgeries gone wrong. Seriously, people, WAKE UP! I went through an eating disorder (you might remember us talking about that in your office a few times). I'm bound and determined to tell my kids EVERYDAY that they're beautiful just the way they are and that they are the ones that make things look good, not the other way around!

Sandi said...

Besides...Shouldn't her chest look like the raisins anyway?! Shriveled and small?!

Linda Aukschun said...

Sandi, you are the cutest thing ever. I love you madly.

Marni said...

It's terribly terribly sad. A woman in our ward had some upgrade surgery recently, and her oldest daughter (6) told one of the other little girls in the ward that mom "wants her boobs to look like they do when she's nursing." I just can't even imagine having that conversation with my kids. It's already "implanted" (that was so bad!) in their sweet little minds that what they've got might not be good enough.

For further enjoyment on how we view women, how's this for a stocking stuffer?