Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Still Good To Be You

I've decided something this week, this week of fire and rain. 

It's that you don't have to be afraid of growing old.  And I'm talking to all of you.  Denying it doesn't change the fact that you're a little scared.

Growing old does have its downsides, its true.  You get infirm, you get wrinkly and sick and not quite so hot, maybe.  But that's not it.

During this week, Carl and I have shared  four hospital emergency room visits, three hospital admissions and I've had two ambulance rides.  

Carl had an obstructive 6 x 3-1/2 mm kidney stone.  It was his 4th. It was horribly painful and he was panicky for pain medicine.  Carl has drunk little carbonation,  little ice cream which he was told caused them. His doctor, Dr. Hibbert, says he's just a "producer" trying not to chuckle in the face of Carl's pain.

I had a little "chest discomfort", went to my heart doctor for some comfort and was slam-dunked into the hospital for a battery of tests, maybe six.  I was released but then had a pseudoaneurysm from one of the tests which returned me to the hospital a second time for pressure against my femoral artery which felt like a bowling ball pressed against me by a means of a gorilla for about six hours.  

All this, I think, because a small cadre of bozos insist on suing doctors for who aren't thorough to the nth degree.  But who's complaining about the system here?

I learn the results of the tests Friday.  

But back to the point!  Here it is:

You know how you like to be you most of the time?  That feeling persists at least until you are sixty-eight!  Isn't that good news?  

I went job-hunting on the day after my birthday!  (I'm sick of retirement.)  I'm not kidding.  I got out of the hospital on Wednesday night, got up bright-eyed and ready for action on Thursday and went off to the Job Corps, (or whatever it's called) and filled out an application listing my accomplishments for the past 100 years and had a blast.  I also qualified for "Mayor of The District" on Foursquare in the meantime.  I felt exhilaration like none other.  

Yes, the downside was that I popped my femoral artery a little later in the day, and I ended up in another ambulance heading from Riverton Hospital to the Hospital on 53rd, but I took great pride in the EMT guy's complimenting me on my terrific ability to keep myself oxygenated.  Remember I did have sinus surgery three weeks ago and I only had twenty-thirty per-cent ability to breathe back them.  I'm a great breather now!  

I'm pleased to note that through it all from when I first remember to now, there have been some bad patches, but it's always been good to be me.  Sure it's been sucky sometimes, but when those times have passed I always remember, I like who I am,  It's been fun.  

Trust me.  If you like you now, you'll like you later.  There'll be moments, of course.  Don't be scared.  It's a fun ride!

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Lindsey said...

Wow, I did not know all that! I am sorry for the bad times, but I am super impressed with your attitude. Yes, you continue to amaze me!