Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Melange, Janet Do You Know What That Means? It Means Wonderful

Didja know that Uganda is over 8,000 miles from Utah and that Norway is probably over 4,000 miles from here.  The year of the Tiger comes up every twelve years and matters to the Ross family. And did you know that the Himalayan Restaurant is something right downtown in Salt Lake City and that the magical Tenaj Matovu and Eric Ross chose that spot for their wedding dinner simply because they like the food and their invitees simply because of their jolliness?  I'm sure of it.  Because you certainly can't figure out much of a pattern in anything else.

We had so much fun.

Wendy is from Salem, Massachusetts so we're pretty sure she's a witch.  Her son is Henry.  He was there.  The Norwegians were represented by Jon Ravneng, a crazed Viking who is seriously challenged melanin-wize and his beautiful wife, Bente, their daughter, Mija and her interesting husband whose name I missed.  Sorry.  Bobacar, from Kenya sat by us as well.  He fits in because his wife knows me (!) from Sandy and Janet.

Janet's family is not melanin-challenged and are originally from Uganda.  Currently they are from the Eastern United States.  They are lots of fun and seemed to think we are okay too though Janet noted we paler types do seem to resemble one another.  We took no major personal affront.    Janet's whole family was there except for Janet's father who is still a little out-of-sorts because Eric is a little too pale for his liking, but no one seems to think that will last too much longer.  He remains in Uganda.

Then there's Eric's family, all of whom seemed to enjoy the whole event immensely as well and, surprisingly, as another exciting note, Eric's younger sister was in one of my seminary classes at Brighton about fifteen years ago!  I love the smallness of this world!  It was really a great event.

And to make the whole thing wonderful, Janet now lives downtown at the Belvedere which means she can join the out-to-lunch bunch.

I really think the United Nations could learn a think or two from Janet and Eric.  Get people together who like each other, who laugh together and have fun together, and just let everyone else just stay home.
How could they lose?

Pictured above are Eric, in a traditional Ugandan marriage outfit, Janet, also in a Ugandan marriage outfit, Bente and Mija.  Next my crazy former student, Jon, and one of Janet's brothers, Moses, I believe.  finally is Janet's mother.  This photo does not do her justice.  Jon took the picture and did not do a very good job of it.  But all is forgiven.  It was his first and only attempt.

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