Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I LOVE the internet.  Look what I found.  Here's what nasal splints look like.  Perhaps like the very jobs that  I carried around in my beezer for almost a week and which were removed just yesterday.  Felt a little more like little burrs being removed, I might observe.  Little, gucky burrs, but I'm still very glad about the whole thing.

I felt like leaping in the air, clicking my heels (figuratively, of course) and swallowing and swallowing, over and over again, to sense the glorious, well, I won't go on so that you won't be offended by how wonderful I feel.

I wanted Dr. Finlayson to show me all the resplendent guckiness but he said it would make me sick.  But it wouldn't.  It would represent all of the yuckiness going away.  I wanted to paw through his garbage but that would have made him AND Carl sick, so I didn't.

So here I am on the other side, glad I did it all.  I've felt a little dizzy today and I presume that's the hyperventilation, so I just stop breathing for a minute.  I also listen to myself NOT breathing.  For the first time in my life I actually cannot hear myself breathe.  It's amazing.  There's not a hint of a sinus headache and I can blow my nose -- gently of course -- but I can blow my nose.  And there is less and less and less stuff.  Sorry all you guys with weak stomaches but pretty soon I'll be like you.  Noooo stuff.  And I'll be able to afford being disgusted at the slightest sight of nasal emission too!

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Sandi said...

LOL, Linda, you crack me up! I'm glad things went well and are continuing to do so!