Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Stuff to Bug You When You Need It

All of us can use a little help.  The following link is one that will send periodic nags that will remind you and me to do various things at various times -- water the plants, practice the piano, take medication, call someone, return a library book, who knows?  It's kinda nice.  Can't we all use someting like this?

The following is one I use every day.  I really developed some sloppy scripture-reading habits after I retired until I found this link and then good old OCD kicked in and every day I get to check off my reading.  If I forget, they remind me I haven't read for a day or two and I'd better snap it up or else.  They really don't do anything, but I get concerned about the scripture police.  They have all kinds of programs going on, including Sunday School, Relief Society, etc.,  and keep track of what you've read so you can look at what you've done and feel just wonderful about yourself.  It's just a dandy thing.  Don't get prideful.  That's the only caveat.

Let me know if it works out for you.

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