Monday, August 16, 2010

Church - An Especially Good Place To Be Yesterday

Andrew Unsworth at the MoTab Organ
Nobody churched it up like we did yesterday.

We sang like we really could all through Sacrament Meeting yesterday. "Abide With Me," "High On A Mountain Top," "Redeemer of Israel," "I Need Thee Every Hour," and some other favorites. with different people explaining why they were their favorites.  It was great.  We even slopped over into Sunday School time by about fifteen minutes which our rule-abiding bishopric rarely tolerates.  Just fantastic.  

But the capper, the frosting, the creme de la creme was oddly, right in the middle.

We have the magnificent Andrew Unsworth in our ward and he plays the organ for us on Sundays when he can, alternating with our own talented Lynn Alvord,  He played yesterday.

Andrew, if you didn't know, is an organist some Sundays for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and he talked a bit about his choice, "All Creatures of our God and King."  He spoke of how he loved how the powerful words and music intertwine.  He asked that we sing the third verse with only the melody and the rest, he said, "Do what you want."

There are, he mentioned, further verses, which you can read if you check this link, which St. Francis of Assisi apparently wrote shortly before his death:  St. Francis and "All Creatures" is more than worth researching further.

Andrew took off the chapel roof, used all the stops like a magician and did something amazing with the third verse.  Can't describe it.

Too bad you weren't there.  I wanted to stop the world.


Cheryl said...

I'll de-lurk long enough to comment ... I still miss the 14th ward! When it was my turn to speak in church, Andy was at the organ. I had never before felt the whole stand vibrate with the music. It was thrilling! I understood then why Bishop always gets a big smile on his face during the hymns.--Cheryl Rose

Linda Aukschun said...

Cheryl! Thanks for de-lurking! So good to hear from you. It was such a wonderful day. Wish you could have been there.