Friday, August 20, 2010

What Are Little Girls Made Of? Showtime!!

Girls put on shows.  I don't think boys do.  At least the boys I know haven't.

The shows can be quite elaborate affairs, complete with tickets, music, singing, dancing, props.  And they can be long.

People can get hurt during these shows.  Generally the audience is tolerant of brief intermissions for blaming, crying, maybe some slugging, but the show must go on.

But somehow strife and tragedy only increases beauty and fervor of the dance.

The movements become more strenuous, the timing more reckless, the interaction seemingly less cautious, inspiring more alertness and awareness in the audience.

But as just as the magic of the dance has begun, it's over.  Yet it lingers long as beauty does when it touches deeply.  The applause still rings.

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