Friday, August 13, 2010

Mormon Doctrine At An End -- (J/K)

Sunstone Magazine is worth a perusal every now and then even the current issue which is devoted largely to the maniacal Glen Beck. 
In the back is a mention that Deseret Book is discontinuing the publication of Bruce R. McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine!
Publication of the book began in 1958 and started trouble right from the start by calling the Catholic Church the “mother of harlots”.  Subsequent publications didn’t contain the comment but up until 1978, the book contained the assertion that blacks would never receive the Priesthood.  Of course that was then removed.  
Whenever references were made from MD in Church Education settings, smart remarks were usually made from sources about concerning Mormon Doctrine because of the “personal” nature of some of Elder McConkie’s views, but this turn of events still surprises me, coming so soon.
Deseret Book says they are discontinuing publication because sales are low, but maybe not.  Sunstone says (though I didn’t get the footnote, it is the current issue) “At, Mormon Doctrine now sells, used for $45 (paperback) and $80 (hardcover).  The rare first edition sells for about $300."
That kind of bites for me because I had two hard copies and when I retired, I gave one to Deseret Industries in an urgent flurry to divest myself of the massive pile of books I’d accumulated over the years.  I did get points from Carl, though, worth at least that much.  He was impressed with how much I didn’t bring home with me after twenty-four years of teaching.  How do they put it?  Oh yeah. 

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