Monday, November 22, 2010

Megamind, Maybe

We went to see Megamind with the little people, ages six and eight, and I did enjoy myself, but thought it was a little beyond them.
Maybe I did underestimate them but I kept wanting to explain things. For one thing the bad guy was just dropped  into a prison and was bad by default "Superman babylike". Also he had a magic watch that made him look like anybody he wanted to, so that was a little bewildering as he became people at will for rather subtle reasons. Also, "good guy" got tired of being good, so he just faked his own death, which isn’t okay in my book.  Substitute "Bad guy" was just a doofus. 
The female interest ultimately falls in love with the original "ambivalent" bad guy who is serving time in prison having given himself up, and then he is suddenly made town hero without too much explanation being made.  We six-year-olds aren’t stupid, but we don’t go for coming up for explanations in our cartoons or for messed up cross-purposes.
It really was quite entertaining, but even as an adult I don’t think I would’ve gone by myself.
One of the tests of a good kid movie is that Ali quotes lines afterward. She quoted none after Megamind.  I couldn’t think of any either.  

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Lindsey said...

As always, I totally appreciate your movie reviews. Might just skip this one.