Friday, November 5, 2010

Speaking of Jerks

 I am so tired of Brian David Mitchell. 
You would think when a story had so many hot, salacious twists and turns that a person like me would never get tired of it, but I have.  Put a fork in me, I’m done.  
He’s a sick, perverse child abuser who has ruined more than a few lives, but he’s back on television again with his crazy hair, crooning the hymns again.  I want to snatch that face bald he makes me so mad.  Today they broke into TV to let us know that a judge thinks he can’t, maybe, get a fair trial in Utah.  Ya think?  We are so sick of that crazy monkey, any one of us would take a stick to him if given half a chance just to get him out of our faces.
Elizabeth Smart seems to have emerged from her ordeal eight years ago pretty well and  has gone on with her life except she has to come home from her LDS mission to testify.   Yiiiiikes.  
I can’t imagine any state would let him loose regardless of where they try him so let’s just get the whole thing over and done with so we don’t have to see his ugly face or run the risk of anyone having to hear him sing again.  Who cares where.  Where is Joran Van der Sloot?  We don’t hear about him anymore.  Maybe that’s a good spot for Mitchell.


Lindsey said...

I know! I wish they would put him in jail and throw away the key!

Bonnie said...

I agree 1000% I remember being approached by a fairly well dressed beggar while I was coming out of the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg. not long after Elizabeth was found. My reaction scared me. I shouted at him, "You're telling me you want me to give you money so you can go kidnap a another precious little girl?" The poor guy hung his head in shame and walked away, while I stood there shaking. I'd never been able to walk away from someone asking for help before. The whole thing is sick and I'm sick and tired of it too. More than anything I want the Smarts to have what's left of their lives back! Wherever ghat monster ends up, I just hope they throw away the key! (Linda, do you think they would have let us be jurors? Ha!)

Anna said...

I didn't even remember who he was, until you mentioned Elizabeth Smart. Oh well, I guess that means that he's only big in Utah, so that's a good thing. Means, he's not getting world wide attention anymore :)