Monday, November 15, 2010

Sophia Is Baptized, Ali Accompanies

 Sophia has been baptized. She said she was nervous, but she didn’t seem it.  She was as cool and pristine as always.  she only required one dipping, too.
Ali was the one to deal with.   She knew from the beginning I was going to be accompanying the song after the confirmation. She asked if she could be on the piano bench right beside me. Of course I agreed.  What harm could she do?  What harm indeed?
She confirmed this with me often. And I continued to agree not realizing that in fact she planned to sabotage the situation -- unknowingly, of course.  
When it was just about our turn, I informed Ali, and  she almost took off. I grabbed her arm just in time. Soon we were serenely  seated on the piano bench. The chorister began to wave her arm and I began to play. Then my horror, Ali placed her hands  firmly right on top of mine. I could barely move my hands. She left them there for the entire first verse. She is strong for a six-year-old.
She played around for the second verse for which I was grateful but she returned her task for the third verse.
I don’t think I humiliated Sophia on her special day. I don’t think Elmer Nelson, my piano teacher, from age ten to twenty took note in the celestial kingdom.
But I do think the world  ought to take special note,  pun intended, of Alison Aukschun.   she is definitely someone with whom making music is magic time.  It’s hard work, you must be alert and there are no advance warnings of anything.


Lindsey said...

The piano player for my baptism slipped on ice at a gas station when she was on the way to my baptism. She wouldn't go to the ER right away because she wanted to play for me. After the baptism she found out she had a broken leg. I guess there are always some sort of shenanigans with pianos and baptisms. :)

Annie said...

congrats to sophia!