Thursday, November 4, 2010

Church - What It's Good For

What’s church for?  Worship you say?  Hahahaha I laugh.  That too, of course, but who is kidding who?
God knows it’s for a lot of things. He’s been watching us, you know.   
A new item is texting. An old one is good old chatting. Showing off new duds is fun. Daydreaming, arguing, wishing, hoping, planning, scheming. Writing new blogs happens.  I asked the bishop on Sunday to excommunicate Joyce Cusick because she said I looked like a pumpkin, but I was really kinda kidding.  Really.  
Folding the program is always a good activity except for airplanes which is always forbidden in our home after one of our sons threw one during Sacrament Meeting years ago. I still fold flea catchers for old times sake.  
Then there are color books and crayons, of course, but graduation to the big-time -- drawing!  That’s when you get good.  All you need is a notebook and a pencil and within a few minutes you have a startling likeness of Uncle Ben as you see above done by Ali Aukschun!  
Church grows great citizens, varied worshippers, wonderful friends, artists, authors, speakers, musicians, cooks, campers, thinkers and granddaughters.  
i think we are who we are because of church.  Maybe some of it was not as focused as it could have been, but probably won’t improve much in the future.  But we’ll still keep showing up since we likely are better because of it anyway, and it’s not so bad anyway, is it?


Lindsey said...

Oh how I've missed my daily Sisal Soup! I love the drawing. I can't wait for the day when Eliza wants to draw with just a notebook and pencil instead of a million crayons and a couple of coloring books.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I was there for the candy. I'd go to visit my grandparents and they would drag me to their church, Zion Baptist. My grandma would admonish me to dress appropriately to worship my God so I never would dare go visit without skirts even though they lived on a farm. She always had a notepad with a pencil in her purse so I would draw and give the drawings to my granddaddy. He was a deacon at the Church and all the kids knew that Grandpa Jack was THE MAN. While mom and dad were brown-nosing with the preacher and gossiping with all the other old people, kids flocked to my granddaddy.

Because he always wore a suit. I think he was the only one in a suit. And in his suit jacket he always had candy. 98% of the time said candy was either Worthers Orignals or those soft mints that look like candy cane nuggets.

But I was lucky. I got to sit next to him each week. And he'd slide me candy to suck on constantly.

Bet you wish you were my Sunday School teacher. HA!

Anna said...

I love it!! Remeinds me of what goes through my mind in the mornings trying to wrangle the girls into their dresses and hual out the bag that's so big and full I swear Santa's might mistatke it for his. And then there's just getting through the meeting. I pray every Sunday that I have at least enough snacks to make it through, and heaven forbid I forget them all together. I might as well just pinch the girls every few minutes, they would probably scream less. But, at least I get 2 hours all to myself. My girls LOVE Nursery, and I only hear from them if a diaper is full. :)