Friday, November 12, 2010

Words Are Better Than Music

When I first started hearing about  how women talk so much more than men. I thought I was on moon.
My father was the King of Talk. My brothers are almost as adept as he and I am no slacker myself. And versatility, (BS) is the Watch Word in every conversation.
One of the most famous conversations we’ve ever had was around the dinner table when we had silenced Dad for ten minutes as he figured out how many soccer balls it would take to fill the Marriott Center down at the BYU campus.  Good times.  
My mother was always silent during these and most conversations. 
We would talk about anything. Not just sports, not hunting.   Vulgarity was frowned upon  and fighting wasn’t acceptable, and things didn’t get personal, but we had a great time. 
I still love to talk my brothers. In fact they are my favorite people to talk to. The tragedy is they’ve ruined my life by being too busy. Mark”s on his mission. Scott has a stupid job. Rex is a Bishop plus he has a stupid job too and Brent works at the car wash even though he could retire, too.
I had my colleagues at LDS Church Education, and they were pretty fun, but they were usually pretty narrow-minded.  They’d get pretty scared at some topics.  Others would not be, though, and I would gravitate towards those because I love to talk about possibilities as regards to God, His minions, His worlds and His potentials and my brothers and my dad would all love to get into that stuff.  Wild speculation of any sort was just the best.
Words to me are music, and the words of my father and my brother are symphonic. And that’s not hyperbole.


Annie said...

talking = good :)

Lindsey said...

I love to be around you guys when you talk. It is always so much fun to listen to!