Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avatar - Yes, I'm Now a Fan

At first I thought Avatar was for teenaged gamers but I relented after all the hooplah and saw it.  It was great.  It's definitely a fantasy appealing to the young, but it's more than that by a long shot.

Its beautiful, for one.  It's quite inspired and inspiring and appealing to the imagination.  It definitely allows heroics to the women as well.

It's long, it's a little predictable but then who cares if it's good?  

The thing is it speaks to the triumph of the human spirit on Earth and they aren't human and it isn't Earth.  But that's just a minor detail, maybe.  I also liked the part about the glorious transformation after death.  Maybe they didn't get it exactly right.  But they're looking for it.  Hmmmm.

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