Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Find to the South

I know you think that since I've retired I've been sitting around with my finger in my nose, but not entirely.

I lap up culture every now and then, and yesterday, my friend, Karren Ashley and I went to Provo and checked out the Art Museum on the BYU Campus and were more than a little startled here and there.

There was ther expected stuff, Minerva Teichert and other Mormon stuff, but also some rather interesting other things,  goofy things like photos of beach notes like "thanks for making the outhouse a little less visible from the sky", and other better pop art, like Andy Warhol and the like

Then lo,  a Rembrandt!  Yipes.  More than a little stunned was I.  An oil on panel from the 17th century entitled "Head of Christ".  More than a little impressive, I thought.

Who knew?  Not I.  More later on this day.  Can't squander.  I'm no longer the grandmotherly babysitter you thought I was.  I'm a screaming mass of crazy doing.  Aha!!

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