Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phoenix Now

We're now in Phoenix, the poor man's Maui, perhaps, but we have our granddaughters in tow, so if you're wise you'll see we're rich.

We get them because their parents are in Maui celebrating their tenth anniversary.  I tried to explain to Julia that most of us either spent our tenth dining at the Poco Loco or just don't remember doing anything at all in commemoration because we couldn't afford babysitters.

But she refused to relent because she insists the tenth is a big deal. Perhaps it's because she's married to Brad who I'll admit has his moments.  But she says he is the "love of her life" and I believe her.  So I'm not sure what she means.  All I know is that he drove me nuts his high school senior year.

But I digress.  Here are the girls having the time of their lives at the Kiwanis Park. Can Maui be better than this?  Not if you're five and seven.

We had a most excellent day.


Wendy said...

So Brad & Julia's 10th will be remembered well by all.

Melissa said...

Patrick and I are gonna be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year too, and I am also insisting that we go somewhere fun... we just haven't decided where yet... maybe Maui!! We'll drop our kiddo's off with the grandparents too! Julia has the right idea!!! Tell them I hope they have a GREAT time!!!!

Linda Aukschun said...

I'll do it, Melissa. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be but it has been tough. You have to be young and put your life on hold to raise kids. We went to Arizona for the first week and I think that saved us. Otherwise, we would have been pulling out our hair. You live in Las Vegas but we would have lost our minds in freezing Utah. They swam, played outside, had all kinds of fun.