Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Courage Is The Beauty That Never Fades

The heroic story of Meip Geis flies in the face of the stupid saying of "only the good die young.

She lived from February 15, 1909 to January 11, 2010.

She was a member of that wonderful family that hid Anne Frank in Holland and was the one who raced in front of the Nazis to grab the diary of little Anne and gave us the wonderful story that inspired so many of us, including me, so many years ago.

I'm just a little sorry I didn't write this sooner but we've been gone so much and writing my blog on my IPhone is really next to impossible and finding hotspots with my computer is really a bit ole pain.

When Carl and I were in Israel, there was a grove of trees planted, each tree honoring people who had helped Jews during WWII and I was astonished at how many there were.  I also remember wanting to be a tree among them.  I was in my forties at the time.

I don't know if I have that kind of courage because it has never really been called up even yet.  That kind of worries me.  Remember "Where much is given, much is required."  But at least I haven't lived to be as old as Meip Geis yet.  Give me time.

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