Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life's Little Conundrums

I lost twenty pounds.  It's really kinda neat but then it's not really amazing either.  I just kinda stopped taking my favorite medication, Lyrica, and it sorta made me stop being ravenous.

That's the good part.

Lyrica worked like a charm for my Fybromyalgia -- body aches.  But it also revved up my appetitive.  I didn't know that was it's quiet little bonus.

I went to the doctor and complained that I was sick of being so fat and with that charming chuckle I have, asked him for a magic pill.  Ha, ha, ha.  Then he gave me the good news/bad news.  The magic pill was Lyrica -- and it was not taking it.  So I stopped.

The body aches are back.

Here's the choice, though.  The extra weight isn't a beauty issue so much as a health one.  I've got a couple of faulty heart valves going on, some atrial fibrilation and was on high blood pressure medicine, which I am not taking anymore.  So the pounds really had to go.

But since I take blood thinners, I also am restricted to Tylenol for pain which everyone knows is cousin to taking jelly beans, so the Lyrica was nice.  Lortab is what's left but that kinda worries me.

Who knows.  We'll see what happens.  But if you know something, let me know what you know.

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