Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sinuses, A "Gone" Issue (Issue? Get it? --Snicker)

Let's hope I've enjoyed my final sinus headache, my last blast of Nasonex and my last sinus irrigation.  Today I went under the Skill Drill (stainless steel, I presume) at 9:15 A.M.)

Online reading has yielded the fact that not only will breathing be easier (Rex said after his surgery, he experienced hyperventilation since he'd developed mighty lungs to force air through his pin-prick air holes), I'll have enhanced sense of smell and taste, so don't be surprise to see me prancing through the flowers, sniffing with wild abandon and savoring every bite of food.  This might, however, bring the hot sauce to a halt.  We'll see.

The surgery is only about an hour-and-a-half, out-patiient and will cause no bruising.  The doctor said so.

The only thing I'll require is extra pillows so I don't DRAIN into my lungs (lovely) and I'll need a little humidifier.

When I announced to the "girls", PHS class of 1960 that I was getting my nose "done" they couldn't imagine why, since it's all ready quite lovely,  until I mentioned the sinus situation, then they immediately changed the subject and Suzie pointed out that your nose is as long as your thumb.  Mine isn't unless you mean to your first knuckle.  

Made you check!  Also made you forget my nose.  See?