Friday, October 8, 2010

Gendarmes En Parade

Standing at attention before some awesome unmarked police cars 

What’s with this?
I was driving home from Provo, heard sirens, checked the rear view and saw police lights as expected, then, to my amazement, saw seven police cars -- all unmarked -- zipping by. all with lights ablaze, heading north on I-15, ranging from SUVs to a pickup, to various kinds of cars.  But no marked police vehicles among them!
My point?  I was about the only one on the road who wasn’t a cop for a minute and who knows?  How many of you are packing and carrying badges without me knowing?  My paranoia is flaring.  
And, BTW, how did they all just show up together and where were they going?   Just wondering.  Don’t think it was a garden variety speeder they were in hot pursuit of.  I wanted to follow, but they might have gotten mad.  They seemed to be mighty serious.  They were in top speed in the HOV lane.  I could have gotten on their nerves.


Lindsey said...

Next time you should just pull in and follow them like you were a cop too. It would be awesome! Let me know how that goes.

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