Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Someday, When I Figure Things Out . . .

Most pictures you find are kinda good.  Maybe really good.  Lotsa talent.  But they don't evoke much from your heart beyond just a wish to be able to paint or draw just as competently.  They're just good.  But this one above I like.  It makes me happy.  It makes me feel something.  It's not just talent or good art or pretty.  It's focus and feeling.  It matters.  It's about caring.  It makes me like.  It makes me really want to like more.

I want to like something so much that I want to go outside in the cold and let my nose run and not care.

Today I was sitting in the sixty-something weather in a cloth chair freezing my behind off and Sophia was sitting beside me waiting to be sent back into her soccer game.  Her mother had put a blanket over her and had gone over to talk to friends.  Soph got up and placed the blanket back on the chair and said "I'm going over and stand by the line."

I asked "Why?"

She said with a big smile, "In case the coach wants me back in the game."  Of course he did within minutes.

All I wanted to do was get warm.

I want a magnificent obsession.  Something that makes my heart just want to do more.  Something to make me want to stand right at the line.  Something that would make me smile when my mother would shout "Enough is enough!"  Something that would never be enough.  Someday I'm going to run so hard again that my side will just ache.  Just you wait.

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Lindsey said...

Love this post. Really love the picture. It reminds me of when I was little and walking around my Grandmother's little farm with my sister. There were barbed wire fences we'd have to cross like that. So neat.