Friday, October 15, 2010

Girl Fads - Insanity and Dollars Ensue

The dream would be to invent something that would appeal to girls ages five to fourteen.  Something that would be sold at the checkout stand at just about anywhere from a convenience store, to Wal-Mart, to a grocery store.  Something that would make girls melt down until they get their own version of it.  It would be something that would be easy to manufacture, something that would have universal appeal, would go winter and summer, be useful internationally and would be cheap.  Ha!  And here (above, actually) is the current item, as it rests on my skirt at church, and as it adorns Ali’s wrist.  I hope it made someone rich.  
All it is is a bunch of rubber bands, in various shapes in various colors and voila, girls go nuts and mothers and grandmothers buy them by the gross.  
What thought progressions go into such things?  Is it the same ones that go into coming up with mother boards and recipes for brownies?  For systems for making cartoons happen by computers and great American novels or cures for major diseases?  Or for the combine or the steam engine for that matter?   I’d like to know.  Or the pogo stick?  Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair.  
Those things are relatively or considerably difficult.  Rubber bands?  How long can you stand them on your wrist anyway?  They’d roll up in your arm hairs and rip them out before long. You can’t even tell what they are once they’re on your wrist.  
Here’s what I have to say.  Life is just not fair.  I want to be in charge and be the one who decides what’s worth what.  Serendipity just can’t be let loose any longer.  This has gotten ridiculous now that I’m thinking about it.
And for sheer foolishness like this, perhaps jail sentences will be involved.  I’ve had it.  


Annie said...

we have those.... a lot of those.....

Lindsey said...

I've wondered about the rubber band things before, but then I remember slap bracelets. Equally useless, slightly painful to wear, and I needed to have approximately 5,000 at a time.

'Ritz x 6!! said...

I had to giggle as I read this post fiddling with my Purple ghost and blue bluejay on my wrist ....I may be 34, but a girl at heart between the ages of five to fourteen.