Thursday, October 7, 2010

School Programs Are the Best

I’m pretty sure I saw the primo class program ever over at Eastlake Elementary a week or so ago.  It was called “Zoo Adventure.”

Alison’s in Miss Burdick’s kindergarten class.  The program involved a couple of peppy songs by an assortment of “animals”, some more obviously costumed than others, 
Ali, in the blue skirt, refused to come out of character

The camel, so realistic, is almost lost in the background of the Sahara

The common thread in this group seemed to be lots of energy and a little ADHD 
Loving the sixties as I did, I was proud of Ali posted so near the walrus

Then the bevy of beasts were sent to their various dioramas, obviously student-designed, where students fielded questions about their own individual animals.  

Parents and grandparents were told to put a hand on each shoulder and ask the student about his animal and received a most competent report.  If the response seemed a bit short, you’d ask, “Is there more?” and indeed there would be.  

There were five dioramas representing Africa, South America, The Arctic, the Ocean and the other one was probably North America.  I learned about wolves, sharks, gorillas, bears, lobsters, camels, turtles, foxes, rabbits, whales, deer and more.  And not just a sentence  or two.  But five or six sentences competently and clearly stated from each of the children.  It was great.

The venerable Miss Burdick claims never to have had a bad class.  I'm not surprised
Ali was a polar bear.  Polar bears usually have two cubs and are the largest bear in the world.  But did you also know star fish have no bones?  Also, when I asked, the walrus stated in absolute seriousness at the conclusion of his statement, that he was not a Beatle.  Oh, well.  
But as I said before, it was absolutely wonderful.  Not only did these kindergarteners get a chance to perform, but they learned some real specifics, got a chance to report what they knew, to speak up to adults and to feel important and knowledgeable as individuals and to be people who not only are learning but are teaching what they learn.  
No wonder Ali loves Miss Burdick.  

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Lindsey said...

Kudos to the teacher and parents for what was no doubt a ton of work. Love it! I love to watch little kids perform. They are so fun! It looks like Ali did a great job!