Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Avatar, Redux

I am not a geek of any rank.  Just a minion, I guess.

However I sat beside one of their lieutenants yesterday at my second viewing of Avatar.  The woman and her husband had travelled two-hundred and fifty miles from a place called Baker, Nevada to view the production in 3D, IMAX.  I thought Carl and I were weird to have travelled across the Salt Lake Valley on a Monday afternoon to see it for the second time on the larger screen.

I was also glad that we bought our tickets on Friday night because surprisingly, we got good seats though it was full up by Monday afternoon at 3:05 P.M.

Did I tell you last time I raved on that it's BEAUTIFUL?  The people are beautiful.  The scenery.  The music (I think).  The animals.  There wasn't much to the story that was made clearer because the storyline isn't all that complex, but it's crazy beautiful.

Even I feel beautiful, lithe, speedy and beautiful during it.  Swinging through trees, flying, just like in dreams.  It's wonderful.  What therapy.

I really didn't like the battle scenes all that much.  I am a sixties pacifist, after all.  If I were to recommend times to go to the restroom, it would be during those,  I would also recommend that you not drink much before, not have drinks during and definitely anticipate that the movie is three hours long, so go to the biffy before taking your seat.  In our theatre, there is little access to the aisle if you have nifty seats like ours, so plan to stay for the long haul if possible unless you're on the front row of the balcony.  Hey!  There's a thought.

It was great.  Did I mention that?   Don't let me build it up too much, though, because we don't want too many disappointments.

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