Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Launching a Lunching Marathon

Suppose you  were approaching your fiftieth  high school graduation reunion.  What would you do?  Panic?  Cry?  Put balm on your aching muscles?  Maybe not.

You might do what I'm doing.  You would go on a mammoth and historic lunching binge that knows no end.  Partly it has to do with planning the event.  But partly it has to do with realizing the people you went to high school with so many years ago were really quite likable people.

Bob Valentine is really to blame.  He's in charge of the whole event and he's done an amazing job of getting us back together, finding out email addresses, phone numbers, getting people on Facebook, locating lost souls and, of course, find out who has passed on. There are those, of course, who don't want to be found and would just as soon, forget about us all, but there aren't too many of them.  And we are sorry they feel that way.  We hope they change their minds before July 2 which is the big day.

The truth is, by now the cliques are kinda over with, we've kinda forgotten the old feuds and who was wild and who was pregnant a little too early, who was a little too judgmental, who were the brown-nosers, who were the goody-goodys, and who, well, you know.  And if we remember, we don't much care.  And if we care, I guess that's our problem because that's jerky behavior now just as it was then.

And we just want to get together and catch up.  That's all.

We're finding out that friends at first are friends at last and that is what reunions are all about.  It's not the event itself.  It's these fun little lunches that happen along the way.

BTW:  Thats back row:  Linda Holm, Jayne Wright Neeley, Kathy Davis Allman, Carma Banks Smith Bush, Linda Cannon Aukschun.  Front, Susan Black, Kathy Ostler Fryer, Naoma Gammon Bird, all at Thanksgiving Point on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

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