Monday, February 22, 2010

I Got Phished

Well, if that wasn't embarrassing enough, I was IMing with my son when he suddenly received  a message from me inviting him to check out a website  where he could procure a "male enhancement" product that would be certainly something to his liking.

Holy Cow!!

Glad he mentioned it.

But it was even bigger than that.  Turns out it was some sort of Phishing expedition on my Twitter account that went out to everyone who follows me there.  That's dandy.  At least it didn't go out to my "Facebook Friends", but my apology to my Twitter followers did which do include some family and friends who do deserve a little explanation.  Arghhhh.

It didn't take much to to resolve the thing.  A change of my password did the trick.  I had more trouble taking care of the password on my IPhone because it's not quite so obvious as just changing the dang thing, but it's not really hard.

I do understand the dorks who do it.  They're just having a good time.  It's kinda funny to them and a little entertaining to others WHEN IT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO THEM!  But when it does, it's a huge pain, a lot of embarrassment and really lots of trouble getting things straightened out.

I think I'll go lie down.

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Bonnie said...

Linda, thanks for inviting me to your blog. You ALWAYS make me laugh, and make me realize I really need to lighten up! Love you!