Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Healthy Good News

Thump me on the chest and call me Tarzan.  
I went in for my report on my Stress test yesterday and found out I’m much improved over a couple of years ago.  
My ejection fraction is now within the normal range.  Before it was really sub-par which means that too little blood was getting squirted through my heart with each beat.  
I do have a dead spot which means I did have a silent heart attack a couple of years ago, but I guess my little heart can compensate for that. 

I still have atrial fibrillation, which means that I have to take Coumidin (rat poison) all my life because my heart beats only when it wants, so blood could clot during intermissions and cause strokes.  But I am still one happy little clam.  So happy, in fact, I forgot to ask about the leaky little valves.  Oh, well.  
The reason my heart is better is Coreg, a nifty new heart drug that actually improves the heart as well as just improving heart function.  Dr. Gary Symkoviak, my beloved heart guy, says that he’s not had any heart transplants among his patients with Coreg which is just fine with me.  I didn’t even know that was a possibility.  Silly me.  It not only forestalls another heart attack, but helps with my heart failure.
The only advice?  Exercise.  He rudely observed that I'm not in good shape.  I knew there had to be bad news.  After all.  He is a doctor.  Oh well.  I guess Carl will have to dust off the tread mill.  

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