Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family Madness at the Stupid Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday has always been a great experience for the Cannon/Aukschun Family.  Bonding, love all around.  Stuff like that.

We all make a point of keeping the Sabbath holy, of course.  Church all around comes first.

Then comes the celebration thanks to dirty cars and lazy dirty car owners.

Money for Pizza and other food and PRIZES comes from money sucked up in the vacuums at the Cannon Bros. Car Washes that people leave in their cars because they are too lazy to fish around looking for dropped change.  Score!!!!

Some of us then watch the game, some watch half time and some view some of the commercials and the rest of us (women) sit around laughing and talking.  Everyone eats.

But after halftime it got ugly.  People came lungeing up the stairs, struggling in twos and threes to the computer to see the score lineups.  It got terrible.

It had been disagreeable to begin with because we had all been bullied into choosing the Colts because of Collie having been a BYU player and because Peyton Manning was the favorite in Rex Cannon's host home.  But then when the Saints took over, Hell froze.

My son, Brad, was the only one brave enough to choose New Orleans, and that is because he's a trucker and thinks he can beat others up so his family went home with all the loot.  He didn't deserve it.  I did.  I'm the real Saint.  I was just being polite in choosing the Colts.  He was just going against the tide in order to win.

I see it now.  I was robbed.  I'M THE REAL SAINT I TELLS YA!

Incidentally, the people pictured above will remain nameless due to the pathetic nature of the scene.


Rex said...

Weeping as I type this!

Wendy said...

When do your halo & wings arrive? I watched mythbusters instead

Anne said...

So, so sad. We were sorry to miss the party in Provo, but we were busy feeling sorry for ourselves in Indy.

Linda Aukschun said...

I'll bet there wasn't much rioting out your way, was there Anne? Missed you. Sat by your brother, though. He behaved admirably. Hardly a crude word.