Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Dynamic Duo

Carl and I are highly sympatico if you know what I mean.  We get along famously.

The only real difference between us, and this one is huge, is that Carl can amuse himself and I must be amused.

Carl could stay home all day, every day, enjoying puttering around the house, playing on the computer, gardening, camera stuff, watch sports and other things on TV.

Whereas I need, and it is a need, to do something every day.  Stuff away from home.  Lunch somewhere is high on the list.  It can be a cheap lunch, I'm not fussy, I'll go to the dentist, get my blood checked, go the the library, pick up a few things at the grocery store, get a flue shot, who cares?

Lately, we've compromised.  We walk at the mall.  I know it puts us right in the middle of the really old people, but it works.  We ARE old anyway.  We don't feel old, but we are, and we know it.  You tell us about it.

We've become mall walkers.  So sue us.  What it'll do, is extend our lives and make us even a bigger drudge on the market.  We'll use up goods and services, insurance, government services, air, traffic lanes and everything else.  So sue us.

Actually, it won't.  God knows the number of our days.  We'll live just as long as ever.  We'll just be healthier so it'll be win/win for everyone.  We'll be good, contributing members of society longer.

And besides that, when we're at the mall, we sometimes pick up a few things, so don't consider us a pain.  Look at us as a little stimulus package.

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