Monday, February 8, 2010

Blind Sided by Blind Side

Saw Blind Side with Sandra Bullock on Friday.  
I know I’m late but remember, I was the babysitting grandma.  
I really wanted to hate it.  I thought it would be sappy.  I thought it would play right up the alley of all us guilt-ridden folk and try to twang our heart strings at every turn.  I’m tough, you know.  I see it coming.  
After all.   The rich, white, southern Taco Bell family pick the huge, black poor kid off the streets of Memphis, bring him into their spacious, fancy-Dan home, raise him as their own and turn him into an NFL player.  Come on.
But dang it was good.  I liked the kid right off.  Sandra Bullock can’t lose and the little dork of a kid was just a kick in the head.  
I liked it.  Gol, durn it, I did.
At the end they showed actual pictures of the real family, and they actually looked like the movie family and the real football player -- I actually bought him too.
I saw the real woman (that Sandra Bullock played) on the news the other night and she said “They took a few liberties”, but I’d guess they didn’t take many.  It was, . . . it was, . .(I know I’m going to get this out)  . .quite inspiring.  
No real cheese on the side either.

The picture above is of the real family.  Thought you'd like to see them.


Lindsey said...

Interesting. Maybe I'll have to watch it. Sentimental movies are definitely not typically my faves. Give me goofy, don't have to think about it, light-hearted whatever any day, but maybe I'll give The Blind Side a chance based on your recommendation. That way if I hate it I'll have someone to blame!

Melissa said...

I really liked that movie too! It was even kinda funny... I found myself laughing more then I thought I would. Good movie!!