Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Addition of Ads

I'm certain some of you have noticed the ads beside my blog for sexy wallpaper and tattoos here in the Salt Lake area. Rest assured that I'm not promoting either. I simply clicked the adsense icon and said "yes" and that's what I got. I'm also sure that if I earn a quarter off the whole deal, I'll be lucky, but give me some time to figure this out. Who knows? Maybe it'll be enough to share with all of you? Actually, I've noticed that the ads sort of coincide with my topics. For example, my blog on insomnia had about five sleep clinics listed at the side. I'm thinking that there must be some odd little program in some great computer in the sky that scans for words in the blog. Perhaps if I mention that I might kill someone for some reason, ads for gun stores or at best, pawn shops will appear. Maybe today? Check. I'll report how much I make.

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