Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing Like Picking Up a Good Book and ...

Sophia has learned to read. "No job too big or too small", she suddenly read on a sign just outside an auto repair shop. I was surprised and impressed.

It's hard to say when she learned to read. One day she was learning sight words in kindergarten, and the next she was reading.

I don't remember learning to read either though I did so in Mrs. Turner's First Grade class. One day we were assigned reading groups and we got together and read. The groups were called something like the "Frogs" or the "Bears" or the "Lions" though we all quickly figured out which one was the fast, the medium and the slow group. I think all of us in the class could read, though. It was just a matter of how speedy we were. We did like to learn in those days.

Brad thought he'd learn to read on the first day of First Grade. He was a little disappointed, but it wasn't long after that that he did learn. He doesn't remember actually learning to read and neither does Ben nor Carl. It was just one of those amazing things that comes along and we get it. Things that great don't happen often in life, but when they do, they are stunning.

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